Asylum [UE4]

This project was inspired by a matte background for Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum. (Artist: Karpin)

The original image was probably intended as a closed room with a main light in the middle. After doing a few lighting passes I decided to switch to a more moody daylight scene.
I then designed all the surrounding area myself, trying to still hit the same style.

Breakdowns can be found below.

Solo Project, Responsible for everything that’s being shown here.

Next up is a breakdown of the hero assets.

Most of these were modelled inside maya, while some of them got a detail pass inside ZBrush.
Starting off baking assets in XNormal I then ended up baking and texturing most of the assets inside Substance Painter.

All the Assets use the same Export Preset.
1 RGB Map Albedo
1 RGB Map Normal
1 RGB Map Roughness, AO, Metalness/Height

There is no “area/portal light” currently available in UE4.
And since using a Skylight is simply not enough for indoor environments, Spotlights are your best chance.
(Bounce Planes have been used by other artists like Koola and Clinton Crumpler)