Alpine Hut [UE4]

After a trip to a nearby mountain I felt like recreating a scenery you would expect to find around the european alps, especially in Austria.
This project was also intended as practice with vegetation.
It uses dynamic lighting entirely, static lighting doesn’t work well with lots of foliage.

Solo Project (Only Ground Textures are UE4 Content)

The Spruce Tree got LODs, which is vital if you want a decent amount of detail up close.
I tried to reduce each LOD to roughly 50% percent of the last LOD's tri count. Important is that you do not alter the silhouette too much, otherwise LOD transitions will be obvious.

The smaller foliage assets use a texture atlas for all the different assets.
I spent more geometry on purpose to minimize overdraw, which can affect performance quite a bit, while UE4 handles geometry much better.

Huts made out of wood have very nice and unique weathering patterns. The building's shape and its surface's exposure have an impact on that. In order to get those effects into your textures you'd need a unique texture for the entire hut, but that was out of the question.
In order to overcome that the hut has a unique unwrap in its second UV Channel. By Baking Curvature and Ambient Occlusion, I then generated different masks in Substance Painter that could then be used inside the Material to blend between different (Wood) Tileables.